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Music School in Charlotte, NC

Music Schools Charlotte, NC
Music Quarters is a family-owned and operated music school and studio. Serving the South Charlotte community since 2008, the Presley's opened the studio right in the neighborhood where the family grew up and attended school. 

The Presley Brothers were the typical kids as they started playing  music, they chose their instruments; played them for a short while, put them down, picked the instruments up again and tinkered around with teaching themselves and taking lessons. When they were around eleven to twelve years old, they got serious and stuck with it!

Now they are professional musicians and making music their career along with operating and working in the studio.

Since we are a musical family, we understand the needs of the parents when getting their child started learning a musical instrument. We try to help answer questions, discussing practice requirements and how we can all work together to keep the child on track with developing his or her musical talents.

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Our talented team of music instructors can help you learn and master many different types of instruments. Whether you've always wanted to sign up for singing lessons or you have a child looking to start guitar lessons, we can help develop skills for all ages. Call today to find out more or stop in and talk to us!

Studio Executive Team

Ashby Presley, Vice President
Ashby Presley is co-owner and studio manager of Music Quarters at Colony Place Shopping Center. You will more than likely be greeted by her when you stop in or call, so anytime you have questions or need assistance, she is always available to help.

If you were to ask Ashby what her passions are in life, they would be traveling, music and photography. She has been fortunate to work in the travel industry for over 25 years and has had many opportunities to travel.

Now she is operating her own music studio and takes any opportunity possible to listen to live music.  Ashby grew up playing the guitar and plays today for her own personal enjoyment.

Her photography passion began as a teenager and has followed her throughout her life, allowing her to photograph her travels and music events over the years. Photographing her sons’ gigs has been one of her favorite subjects! Along with managing the music studio, she is also developing and growing her photography business.

“Music has always been a big part of my life; I have several relatives very talented musically. I never took music to the level my sons have achieved but I love all types of music and couldn’t image living life without listening to music on a daily basis!” - Ashby

Guitar Lessons Charlotte, NC
Clint Presley, President
Clint is co-owner and an instructor at Music Quarters.
He began seriously playing guitar at the age of 12. He has studied at the Atlanta Institute of Music, where he studied with some of the top local guitarists in the area and participated in clinics with musicians such as Mike Stern, Jimmy Herring and Victor Wooten. He learned the fundamentals of reading music, performance and technique and studied jazz, rock & roll, classical and blues. This experience in college is where he built his musical foundation and fueled his passion for a music career. He has been teaching guitar since 2002 and is a working musician locally and worldwide. Clint is very deeply rooted in jazz, rhythm and blues.

Clint currently plays locally in Charlotte restaurants, private functions and clubs on a regular basis, and he enjoys performing in many theater productions. His regular Saturday night gig is at Blue Restaurant in downtown Charlotte.

He has taught students of all ages and all levels. Clint strives to build a strong foundation of guitar basics and technique so the student will advance faster with his or her music goals. He concentrates on the study of notation and chords so the student understands the full scope of the music the guitar can create as he or she progresses in his or her musical education. Clint is also working towards his business degree and is teaching just a few days a week as he looks forward to the future growth of the music studio.

We offer guitar lessons, singing lessons, and more!

Whether your child wants to learn piano or you're looking to take up playing guitar, we've got a wide selection of music classes to help you on your journey. From singing lessons to guitar lessons, our instructors will be able to help you grow you skills. Call today to enroll. 
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