Drum Lessons in Charlotte, NC

There might be some hesitation if your child says he or she is interested in drum lessons. What about the noise? With the help of Music Quarters, he or she will sound great! Plus, there is always an electric drum kit for his or her practicing enjoyment.

Our drum instructors can work with students age 6 and up. Because the drums are quite difficult to learn, having one of our qualified instructors help you along will be truly beneficial. The drum lessons will include how to hold the drumsticks, the different types of drums and how to set up the drum kit. When learning this complex instrument, our instructors always emphasize perseverance, and it will surely pay off.
Drum Lessons Charlotte, NC
Whether you used to rock out back in the day and want to brush up your skills, or you are brand new to this instrument, we can help!

Call us today at 704-234-6676 to discuss scheduling!

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