Policy Information
...due to COVID-19 Pandemic
Due to the current environment of the pandemic, new policies or changes are listed below for you to be aware prior to returning to our music studios for lessons or for those of you considering to begin music lessons:
  • No extended waiting in the lobby area.

  • Students must use hand sanitizer OR wash their hands for 20 seconds before entering the lesson room.

  • Please be punctual when picking up students after their lessons.

  • Please do not send students to lessons with any symptoms of sickness. If a student comes to the lesson and has any symptoms of sickness, the lesson will be stopped and the parent contacted to come pick up the student. Music Quarters will have available a non-touch digital thermometer to check for fever. Any students with an elevated fever will be sent home. No makeup will be offered for this lesson.

  • Instructors will also offer the same courtesy of cancelling their lessons if they are sick. Each instructor will advise their option on the cancelled lesson. Instructors will make up these cancelled lesson days based on their own schedules and policies. Makeup lessons will be offered on a virtual platform. 

  • High touch areas such as piano keys, piano benches,, door knobs, etc. will be sanitized after each lesson.

  • Music Quarters staff will be sanitizing door knobs, door handles, bathroom fixtures, chairs, counter tops, etc...throughout the day. Studio is always cleaned thoroughly each day prior to opening.

  • Mask Update May 14, 2021. Based on the announcement by CDC and the Governor of N.C., for fully vaccinated individuals, the wearing of face masks have been lifted in most situations.  Instructors will continue to wear masks while teaching students 12 and under in the lesson room. For any student 12 and over that have been fully vaccinated, the instructor will ask the student and parent their preference on the wearing of a mask during the lesson but a face mask is no longer required. Each instructor will set their own preference if they require the wearing a face mask in their lesson room. Fully vaccinated individuals may enter the studio without a mask. 

  • Effective May 14, 2021. Social Distance Requirements have been lifted. Instructors will continue to teach from an acceptable social distance as appropriate for each instrument. Please note, teaching a musical instrument may require the instructor to approach the student at a closer distance in order to show or demonstrate a particular technique for their lesson.

  • Please be advised Music Quarters will work diligently to maintain a clean and safe studio environment for students, parents, instructors and the general public that enters into our buildings. Please remember you are entering into a public building. Anyone that enters into Music Quarters is at potential risk of exposure of COVID-19 or any virus.
     ~Policies are subject to change or be updated at any time.