Tuition Information

Music Quarters is pleased to offer to the Charlotte, NC community the following tuition rate structures
for the 2019 year season: 

Standard Tuition Rates
Open 6 Days a Week
Auto-Charge Accounts with Credit/Debit Cards

Tuition rates for a 30-minute private music lesson – $34.00

Tuition rates for a 60-minute private music lesson – $64.00*

Discounted Tuition Rates
Open 6 Days a Week
Bank Auto-Draft Accounts

Tuition rates for a 30-minute private music lesson – $30.00

Tuition rates for a 60-minute private music lesson – $58.00*

*Tuition for a 60-minute lesson applies to a lesson for one instrument and the same instructor for one hour.  


  • Our preferred payment system is the Bank Auto-Draft System. Tuition payments will be setup on the automatic draft system and will be drafted on or around the 3rd of each month. Customers using this preferred payment method will receive the Discounted Tuition Rate. Please bring a voided bank check with you or have your account number available at time of enrollment. 

  • You can print out the Auto-Draft Form prior to your first lesson and have it completed if you prefer!

  • Customers that prefer to setup the Auto-Charge with a Credit/Debit Card, you will pay the Standard Tuition Rate. Tuition will be auto-charged on or after the 5th of the month. 

  • On average, students receive 4-lessons in a month. Some months students will receive 5-lessons. (Lessons meet once a week.)


  • We have a specific lesson time reserved for each student, thus payment must be made regardless of attendance. This includes illness, holidays, vacations, etc.

  • Each instructor has his or her own policy regarding missed lessons and if he or she offers make-ups. Instructors are not obligated to offer makeup lessons if the student cancels their lesson. Once you enroll, your instructor will go over his or her policies with you. Parents please plan on attending the first lesson so you can meet the instructor and go over the policies and practice requirements with them. 


  • At enrollment and first day of lessons, you must pay for the remaining lessons for that month. We accept check, cash, credit or debit cards at time of enrollment for the current month of lessons. You will pay the tuition rate based on the type of payment you will be paying at your first lesson.  Moving forward your tuition payment will be setup for your choice of Auto-Draft or Auto-Charge.

  • If tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month due to any issues with auto-drafting or auto-charging, a late fee of $15.00 will be applied to the account.  Payments not made by the 15th of the month, students will be removed from the schedule board until tuition has been paid for the month.

  • For families with three or more children enrolled in our studio, you will receive a 5 percent discount off your tuition each month!

  • We offer one trial music lesson per student at a discounted rate of $15.00.