Music Lessons

Music Lessons for Charlotte, NC

Our private music lessons are 30 minutes each and we offer a variety of instruments. Because of the one-on-one atmosphere, the student will receive complete attention from their instructor. We strongly advise regular attendance because consistency and repetition are the keys to success when learning an instrument.

During the lesson, our instructors will work with the students to create a practice schedule that will work for them, inspire them and motivate them. With practice, communication, attendance, and support at home and in the lesson room, music can be the most fulfilling experience for the mind and soul.
Piano Lessons Charlotte, NC

Contact Charlotte's music school of choice!

No matter what instrument you want to practice, from drums to your own voice, we have talented instructors ready to help you. Whether you're looking for beginner level classes or you already have experience and want to take your skills to the next level, we have a class perfect for you. Call us today to find out about our music lessons, and sign up today!

Click on each of the instruments to learn more about our lessons:
Piano Lessons Charlotte, NC
We provide beginner and advanced level piano lessons to students of all ages.
 Call today to find out more. 
Guitar Lessons Charlotte, NC
Whether you're interested in learning guitar or bass, acoustic or electric, we can provide you with the lessons you need to master your instrument of choice.
Drum Lessons Charlotte, NC
If you have any interest in learning to play the drums, call Music Quarters. Our instructors can help you with even the most technical and complex instruments.
Singing Lessons Charlotte, NC
If you want to learn how to sing, we can help. From vocal warm ups to stretching and posture, our singing lessons can help you develop the right techniques. 
Violin Lessons Charlotte, NC
Interested in the violin? Our music instructors can help you learn this complex instrument with patience, focus, and commitment. 

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