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Vocal training for the serious performer!

Do you love singing? We provide vocal lessons to help you find your voice. Music Quarters has a wonderful staff of vocal trainers ready to help you develop your singing skills. Whether you are just getting starting with singing or you've been singing for years our instructors can help.

For the serious singer ready to develop their voice, the best age to start are the pre-teen and teenage years. (12 years old and older). Voices are starting to change and develop into their "adult" sound. Great care must be taken to protect the voice and training done carefully to help the student vocalist understand the correct way to sing. 

But of course we teach students that are younger and have the desire to take voice lessons!  Lessons for the younger student will be approached much differently to help them protect their young voice.  Many of the younger students are already singing in choirs and trying out for musical theatre so we want to help them learn how to sing properly for their age group. 

It is important for the younger student to understand the voice lesson is designed to help them learn how to sing properly, breath properly, pronounce words properly and how to protect their voice. They should not be "belting" out songs or trying to imitate "pop" stars in ways that can strain their young voices. Voice health is very important for the younger student so as they grow into the teenage years, their voice is ready for the more advanced vocal training. 

All voice lessons begin with warm up exercises and include breathing control techniques, how to use your voice so you are not straining it, learn the registers of your voice, work on vocal artistry and performance skills. 

Music Quarters has vocal instructors that can coach all ages and all levels of voice students. Call today to check availability and book your lesson! (Please note: we are now offering voice lessons in the studio for those students ready to return to in-studio lessons. Virtual  voice lessons are still available for anyone that prefers distance learning.)

Voice Lessons

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