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Enrollment Information

To enroll in music lessons at Music Quarters just give us a call!  We know you will have questions and we would like to discuss with you the musical needs for your child or yourself. 

Step 1: Call us at Music Quarters!
(704) 840-4754

Step 2: After we talk with you and answer any questions you may have about lessons, we will reserve a lesson day and time. Once a spot is reserved lessons should start within 2-weeks. 

Step 3:  We will email you the Online Enrollment Form to complete to officially enroll you or the student in lessons. A final confirmation of music lessons will be sent along with a payment form for you to bring to the first. lesson.


Step 4:  Arrive to your first lesson! Just bring the payment form to the first lesson and the student will meet the instructor. Payment will be due for the remaining number of lessons in the month. Tuition is prepaid in advance for that calendar month. 

Prefer to contact us by email? Click here to fill out the Contact Form. 

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