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Why Music? 

There are many goals we set for ourselves throughout life. Each journey towards a goal starts with a glimpse into a state of reality we strive to achieve, or an accomplishment which has always been appealing. Many times goals can get lost in the events of life, only to be reinstated as a mere memory of a more ambitious age. Here in lies the complications of achieving the goal.

Life, for the most part, may not allow for large portions of a goal to be accomplished at once. It is the ability of ones self to coordinate, plan, and accomplish smaller aspects of the big picture. A new level of enlightenment is discovered through smaller more profound achievements. We then realize the path is littered with many other benefits and we are forced to be open minded. The goal in the begining was visioned as being narrow, and the process should be easily obtainable. The path tells us otherwise. Instead, we are left confronting how to perceive the information and where to go from each point along the way. 

It is not suggested that music is the solution for the complication of achieving goals, but more of a teacher for approaching the aggregate collective of goals through life. 

Where to begin?

What do I start with?

What are the milestones
to be ready for along the way?


We are all riddled with these questions in the beginning and maybe the evasive approach towards these questions is the best direction that leads towards success.

Finding a creative medium for expression can stream line the thought process for achieving goals.
How do I practice?
What to focus on first?
What am I trying to portray to my audience?

These are questions we do not find just in the world of music, but rather in the process of preparing a speech, training for a sports event, preparing for a dance competition, etc...
Having a goal for music is not something one masters.

However, a goal to learn music is a goal in which you learn to speak a creative language.
You become part of a world that can only be achieved through self aspiration and dedication. Along the way, you find useful lessons that help with achieving other goals in life.



What better way to learn than through a creative median with so much self expression.




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