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"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning." ~ Plato

We believe performing is an integral part of anyone's music education and we highly encourage our students to participate in our recitals and concerts. Music Quarters offers several recital opportunities throughout the year for our students to perform. It is not required for any of our students to participate but we believe performing before an audience will give them the opportunity to share their music and give them a goal for learning and preparing their music.


Performing will help prepare a music student in many ways; they should learn how to create a practice schedule and set goals to learn their recital piece to prepare for their performance.  Learning how to plan and prioritize are skills the student will develop during their musical studies. They will learn to build their self-confidence of presenting themselves in front of an audience when performing their piece which can build future "public speaking" skills and develop good communication skills. 

For music students performing together as a group, these students must learn how to work together as a team. Each student must come to their practices and rehearsals prepared and dedicated to work with each other to perform to their best of their ability. Students learn to work together in a variety of circumstances and learn skills of working with others. 

Student Body Recitals

Music Quarters schedules student body recitals in the fall, spring and summer. Recital dates are posted about 2-months prior to performance dates. The music instructors will talk with students that are ready to perform and let them decide along with their parents if they would like to participate. Each student must sign-up for a specific date and time for performance. 

Steinway Piano Gallery Recitals

We also offer piano recitals for our more intermediate to advanced students (along with their siblings) at the beautiful Steinway Piano Gallery located off Harris Blvd. in Charlotte, NC. This allows our students the opportunity to perform on a beautiful Steinway Piano and enjoy a recital in a more intimate setting in the gallery among the pianos. 

Live Performance

Many of our instructors will look for live performance opportunities for their students in the Charlotte Community. It could be open-mic night in some local venues or playing with a group of students in a Assisted Living Community to supply the evening entertainment for the residents. We are always looking for ways for students to perform!


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