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Violin, Viola & Cello Lessons Available

Learning how to play the violin is a challenging instrument but very rewarding. Patience is key when learning a stringed instrument such as the violin. The violin is a technical instrument to learn and requires a commitment to lots of practice. For the young student beginner, we always suggest the child is the one requesting to learn this instrument. If they truly want to learn the violin and understand the challenges of learning  a stringed instrument along with learning how to read music, the student is more likely to succeed.

We recommend a child to start around 6 years old but it is not uncommon to start younger for a truly motivated child "begging" to learn the violin. If they are already reading and counting numbers and have an understanding of the practice commitment then they may very well be ready.  Our violin instructors will do a trial lesson with a younger student to determine if starting violin lessons is a good time at their young age. 

Music Quarters violin instructors teach all ages and all levels of violin. Many students take private violin lessons when they have started playing in the school orchestra. Private lessons are ideal for the student just starting in orchestra to get more one-on-one attention and more practice with their technique.

For the student that has the desire to play violin in middle school, getting a head start is a great idea. Starting violin a few years prior to the start of middle school will give the student a good foundation of violin technique and music reading skills.

Our Instructors also teach the viola and cello. The cello is more suited for an older student since it is a larger instrument. 

Music Quarters rents violins so if you need an instrument we can help. We have partnered with The Violin Shoppe of Charlotte, NC  who provides us with violins of all sizes. We just need to measure the child to make sure we have the proper size violin in stock at the start of your lesson.  To learn more about rentals just click here. 

Other items needed when starting violin lessons is a shoulder rest, rosin (usually first box included with rental), lesson books (instructor will advise on books needed).  Music Quarters stocks these items in the studios so you can purchase them as needed. 

If you are ready to sign up just give us a call!

Violin Lessons

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