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drum-mer:  one who beats things with sticks....

Music Quarters drum lessons has developed into a very popular and high demand instrument of choice. Our high-energy drum instructors make learning the drums fun while providing a very balanced learning process so the student can progress with their drumming skills.

We recommend a young student start at the age of 7 years old, however, younger students can start based on their physical development. Learning how to play drums is a more physical instrument; holding the drumsticks in your hands and using your wrists for extended periods of time can be physically challenging for students. The student needs to physically be able to sit on the drum seat and be able to reach the drum pedals and cymbals comfortably without risk of slipping off the seat. 

The student's academic skills are another factor in learning the drums. The drum student will learn how to read sheet music as well as develop all of the techniques of rhythm and counting. Musical notation for drums and percussion is different for tonal instruments so for the very young student, this may be challenging. 

For the student wanting to learn drums, they will have a blast in the lesson room! It will take lots of practice at home to get the initial steps down before they are putting it all together to play a song but once they do, they are hooked! 

For a more experienced drummer needing to fine tune their skills, our drum instructors can work with you to evaluate your drumming level, discuss your goals and put together a plan to push you to the next level. 

Music Quarters drum instructors teach all styles of drumming from rock to pop, jazz, blues, Latin, reggae and everything in-between!  


We have helped many drum students with preparation for Marching Band, Jazz Band, College auditions and live-performance preparations. 

Just give us a call to check on drum lesson openings !

Drum Lessons

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