Musical supplies & rentals available for students. 

While music lessons are our main focus of service, we offer a variety of musical supplies, music books, sheet music and rentals for our students. 



The main tool every student will need will be their music lesson books. Books are not included in tuition and are an additional cost. We carry the music books your student will need to get started with their lessons and your instructor will advise you on the books and materials they request each student to have.  As they progress and move into different levels, a new book will be required. 


We offer sheet music which is now available through "digital-download." This allows us to access and download just about any song a student may be interested in learning. Fees are charged for each download for sheet music. 


We carry other items the music student may need such as guitar strings, capos, guitar picks, guitar straps, violin strings, rosin, shoulder rests, drum sticks, drum pads, tuners, metronomes and more. Music Quarters also sells "recorders" which are very popular and needed for the young student in school which could very well be their first instrument!



Violin Rentals
For the violin student we have partnered with The Violin Shoppe of Charlotte, NC to stock and provide our students with violins. Students will need to be measured to make sure we have the proper size violin ready for their first lesson. Rental costs for the violin will be $20.00 per month, plus $6.00 per month for insurance and tax. The Violin Shoppe will charge your credit or debit card each month for the rental. 

Guitar Rentals
Music Quarters rents acoustic style guitars to students interested in learning how to play the guitar. Many times a student may want to try guitar lessons first before committing to purchasing one. We rent classical and acoustic style guitars for both children and adults.

Rental rate per month is $15.00. At time of rental a one-time insurance fee of $30 will be charged. Our rental plan is a rent-to-own program so if you make all of the required payments you will own the guitar. 


Rental does not include a case but we carry the padded-gig bags if you would like to purchase a case for the guitar. 

Digital Piano Rentals
Music Quarters is now renting Digital Pianos! We have partnered with The Steinway Piano Gallery of Charlotte to provide our students with the option to rent a Casio Previa PX770 Digital Piano. For just $39.00 per month plus tax you can rent this digital piano which is a great way for you or your child to try out piano before making a piano purchase. can build up a "savings" account towards the purchase of a new or used piano at the Steinway Piano Gallery of Charlotte while renting!  Just click here to learn more about this program....

For more information about rentals or retail items just give us a call or stop by!


Rentals & Retail