Tuition Payment Guidelines

Tuition is paid in advance for the month for all lessons. Tuition will be setup on the auto-draft system and will be drafted from your bank account on or around the 3rd of each month. 

You will receive an invoice stating the number of lessons you are to receive for the month. Some months it may be four lessons and others it may be five lessons. The invoice will also show any items put on your account such as music books, sheet music, or music supplies. 

We have a specific lesson time reserved for each student, thus payment must be made regardless of attendance.

No credits are issued for missed lessons. This includes missed lessons due to vacations, holidays, school holidays, breaks, illness, etc.

Auto-Draft Guidelines:
  • We use the auto-draft system for tuition payments.
  • Payments will be drafted from your bank account on or around the 3rd of each month. (If the 3rd falls on a holiday or weekend, the draft will take place prior or after the 3rd.)
  • An invoice will be emailed to you stating what will be auto-drafted to your account such as tuition, music books, sheet music, music supplies, guitar rentals.

  • No additional fees are charged to use the auto-draft system.

  • Services fees are charged for Returned Funds.  A $12.00 fee will be charged to your account for any item that is returned due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, incorrect account numbers or any other reasons funds are returned to Music Quarters. 

Delinquent Tuition Payment Guidelines

Any tuition payments not paid in a timely manner due to returned funds may result in discontinuation of lessons. Any payments two months late will result in an automatic stop of lessons until tuition is paid in full.

Missed/Cancelled/Tardy Arrivals

No credits or refunds are issued for any missed lessons. Each instructor has his or her own policy regarding missed lessons and whether or not he or she offers make-ups. An instructor is not obligated to make-up lessons when a student cancels their lessons. We need a 24-hour notice if you are going to miss a lesson in order to be "considered" for a make-up if the instructor offers makeups. Each instructor has their own policies regarding cancellations and missed lessons. They will advise you of their policies at the first lesson. Any same day cancellations or cancellations within the 24-hour notice, regardless of the reason, are not eligible for a makeup. 

Students arriving late to their lessons will not have their lesson time extended. Students arriving late by more than half of their lesson period will be considered absent and their instructors will be dismissed.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the studio manager will make a decision as to whether the studio will be open and lessons will be in session. A message will be left on the voice mail and postings made on Music Quarters’ Facebook page and website if the studio will be closed. Efforts will be made to call students if possible. If the studio is closed, instructors will arrange makeup classes. Credits will not be issued.

Withdrawing From Lessons

If a student wishes to discontinue lessons, a two-week written notice is required. This written notice can be emailed to the studio at info@musicquarterscharlotte.com. Lessons stopped without a two-week notice or no-shows will still be responsible for paying for the two lessons regardless of attendance. These two lessons will be auto-drafted from your bank account if they have not already been paid. If lessons have been paid in advance and a two-week notice has been given, any lessons remaining on your account after the 2-lesson notice will be refunded. 

Music Quarters has the right to change policies, fees or waivers with a proper 30 day notice.

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